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Executive Search

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When you work with Herring Partners you are investing in a wealth of knowledge and experience of the life sciences industry, broader industry and business expertise.

You are accessing experience of over two decades in senior-level executive search for the life science sectors and four decades in business. We take pride in delivering a high quality service with a personal approach and a focus on results.

A philosophy that has served us well is to understand fully our clients in terms of their business, markets, products, services, people and culture and to validate where the assignment position fits in the company, benchmarking industry norms. Particular attention is paid to the immediate team dynamics surrounding the position. Gaining an in-depth perspective of the position to be filled and the client’s expectations of the post is also paramount in getting the appointment right.

We go to great lengths to ensure our search strategy is finely tuned to target exactly the right people not only in terms of their subject technical knowledge, but also their cultural fit to the company. Of equal importance for us is to ensure that the candidate’s career aspirations are being met through the appointment.

Experience tells us that if we pay close attention to client and candidate aspirations during the search process, appointees begin their new jobs successfully and quickly become established. This means they start to add real value to the company, which soon recovers the investment costs in hiring and salary. We are always on standby to support the process.

“Getting it right the first time” is one of the cornerstones of our business ethics. This enables us to offer a 12-month guarantee for all placements from start date.