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We seek the counsel of a select group of business experts to gain better insights and knowledge in the world of life sciences.

They support us with strategic aspects of running our company and help to shape the services we provide which meet the current requirements and challenges of our industry. When you work with Herring Partners you will have the benefit of our access to Advisors.

Dr Bill Mason

Dr Bill Mason is a non-executive Chairman or Board Director of several UK high technology private and/or publicly quoted (UK and US) companies in healthcare and biosciences. He has considerable experience in the public and private sectors, spanning the successful strategic and commercial development and value realisation of high technology life science- and healthcare- focused industries. These include pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical technology and diagnostics companies, where he has worked with private equity and institutional investors, VC funds and corporate finance firms in the life science and healthcare domains.

Dr Mason has a strong history of founding, funding, developing, turning around and exiting from a number of companies in this space, as well as working with well-established, more mature companies. He has considerable experience of commercial development of healthcare businesses, in respect of sales and marketing and distribution routes to relevant markets, as well as the regulatory requirements to take programmes to commercial realisation.

He has led and been actively involved with a number of IPOs and secondary fundings (including PIPEs) in public markets (LSE, NASDAQ) in addition to numerous funding activities for private equity companies. Dr Mason has strong management, transactional and financing experience with both companies that are funded publicly or through private equity. He is a highly motivated and organised individual with a good track record in developing innovative advanced technology businesses, and realising shareholder value via trade sale or flotation, having been involved in more than 50 M&A, licensing deals and financings.

Dr Mason has considerable experience as a Chairman and member of remuneration, audit and nominations committees in public and private companies. Additionally, he is a Trustee of several charitable trusts involved in the arts.

Dr Mark Treherne

Dr Mark Treherne is currently a non-executive Chairman or an independent director of several European healthcare companies and has had significant experience of both private and public companies, as a Chief Executive and in various commercial roles. With 30 years of experience of the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, genomics, medical technology and diagnostics sectors, he has worked with multinationals, numerous SMEs, charities and universities to develop and commercialise novel technologies. He also has a track record of founding technology companies and has helped raise over £100 million for various start-up biotechnology and healthcare companies. Throughout his career, he has been successful in the discovery of novel treatments for degenerative diseases of the nervous system, including Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases.

Dr Treherne has taught at Cambridge, Kent and Basel Universities, has lectured on the biotechnology industry at the Judge Institute of Management Studies at Cambridge, and is an author of over 70 articles, reviews and scientific papers, mostly related to neuroscience or the biotechnology industry. He is a member of the Institute of Directors and has considerable experience as a Chairman and an independent member of remuneration and audit committees in both public and private companies.